Carla H.

I am in a bit of a pickle and my situation doesn’t really apply to his practice but he still responded to my message and was very courteous.

Casey M.

I had a business partnership for a real estate investment go South and had to negotiate a buy-out. I had a good idea of the specifics of what the contract needed to entail but Bill was on top of everything. He had a proposal to me the same day and finished my contract within a week. He provided it for review and made prompt adjustments after both parties had reviewed the contract. He was available telephone and provided guidance when needed. I will definitely use his services in the future for real estate needs.

Martin Y.

William was very helpful. He gave straightforward advice to me and my business partner regarding LLCs and their tax implications. Especially for someone new to business law, like myself, William is a great resource to help you get informed and make the best decision.

A M.

Mr.Vencill is helpful and knowledgeable!

Pat M.

A friend of mine wanted to purchase our home. I knew William was a real estate attorney and I asked him if he could help us with drawing up the purchase agreement and guiding us through the process as neither my friend or myself had the required experience.
William explained what we needed to do and made the process really easy. As it was an uncomplicated transaction between agreeable parties, his help and expertise saved us quite a lot of money over going through a realtor.

Thank you, William!